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Home Entertainment Center
Even with the extension to the credenza, the computer must serve double duty.  With the addition of a DVD player and a graphics card that includes an internal TV tuner, the 18" Flat Panel Monitor became the center of my home entertainment center.  I had replaced the standard AM-FM Cassette radio that is included with Airstreams with an Alpine AM-FM/CD unit.  The stereo speakers in the living room and bedroom are mounted in the walls behind the drapes.  While this unit provides decent sound, the DVD player begged for a Digital Dolby sound system.  With size and weight being at  a premium in trailers, I originally installed the Cambridge Digital Dolby 5.1 SoundWorks system.  This system included a very small control unit with decoders for Dolby ProLogic and Digital Dolby as was well as matrix five channel sound from stereo sources.  The five matching cube speakers were secured with Velcro and the subwoofer fit on the shelf with the ink jet printer under the credenza.  The Cambridge system came with a sound card with digital and analog outputs to the control unit.  Although the volume would be limited for a large area,  it is quite adequate for an area the size of the Airstream.  The system provides a good compliment to the DVD player in the computer and the 18.1" monitor in playing DVD movies.  However, being somewhat of a hi-fi nut, I quickly determined that the small 3" cube speakers and a 5" subwoofer were not sonically up to my desires.  I purchased a set of Energy Take 5 speakers (comprised of one Take 1 center speaker and four Take 2 speakers) and an Energy ES-8 subwoofer  While these speakers are several times as large as the Cambridge speakers, they are still manageable and sound great.  I purchased four Omnimount stands made especially for the Take 2 speakers.  I mounted the front speakers to the credenza on either side of the monitor pointed slightly up.  I mounted the rear speakers beneath the front overhead cabinet, above the couch.  I mounted the center channel Take 1 speaker to the cabinet above the computer monitor using a mounting kit from Bose.  The ES-8 subwoofer barely fits under the credenza.  I also replaced the decoder card included with the Cambridge system with an ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder card.  This AGP video card includes a TV tuner, a DVD player, digital video output for flat-screen monitors (LCD's) and Dolby 5.1 decoding.  The sonic improvement is amazing.  Music CD's sound better than any sound system I have heard in an RV.  The 100-watt subwoofer can easily keep up with the demands of DVD's.

To improve the interior lighting, I have replace most of the incandescent lights with fluorescent light fixtures.  When the bedroom vent unit was removed to install the second roof air conditioner, the bedroom light fixture had to be replaced.  Since the air conditioner took up much of the ceiling, I had fluorescent valence lights installed and wired into the existing ceiling switch.

Window Tinting
An Airstream can really pick up the heat during the summer.  To reduce the interior heat loading and add privacy, I applied 5% Limousine tint film to all the windows except the front three windows that are covered by the dark tint stone guard.

Our Airstream had carpet throughout.  I replaced the carpet in the entry, kitchen and hall with Pergo Red Oak.  The new floor looks great.  I used red oak 1/2 x 3/4 corner molding to finish off the job.  Although it took about a week, the result is worth the expense and the effort.

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