Austin Mini-Rally

Tuga Gaidry suggested a Newell Mini-Rally in the Texas/Louisiana area. La Hacienda RV Resort in Austin, Texas was the host for the first Newell Mini-Rally. The rally was officially April 19-23, 2009 but a number of the attendees arrived on Friday the 17th. By Sunday, 11 Newell Coaches, ranging from 1982 to 1999 were on-site. Almost immediately, Newell owners began introducing themselves to each other and talking about their coaches. Anyone with a issue that they wanted solved were able to find someone to help them diagnose the situation and help them with a solution. There were alternators changed, air-conditioners worked on, seats and blinds repaired, temperature gauges calibrated, fan belts replaced, and electrical problems diagnosed. Pot luck dinners were well attended on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Richard gave a very well attended presentation on advancements in the lens used in cataract surgery and Michael presented a History of Newell. Everyone went out to dinner at Rudy’s Bar-B-Que Wednesday night and celebrated Tom’s birthday. Those who had owned Newells for years answered questions from recent owners regarding the operation and maintenance of systems on their coaches. Attendees had the opportunity to tour each coach at the rally. Everyone felt that the rally was a great success and planning is beginning for the next Newell Mini-Rally.